MetroZone: FAQ
Q: What is MetroZone?
A: MetroZone allows residents, who live outside a city's planned build area, to express their interest and possibly influence where MetroNet service might expand.

We place carefully surveyed areas in a MetroZone, and then leave it up to the residents of a neighborhood to let us know that they want fiber optic services. Each MetroZone has a goal and a timeline. Once the goal is met, MetroNet will begin the process of bringing 100% fiber optics to your neighborhood.
Q: How do I sign up for MetroZone?
A: If your neighborhood is named a MetroZone, it's actively being considered as an expansion option for MetroNet fiber optic services. Residents can support their MetroZone neighborhood and express their interest in having fiber optic services brought to their home. This involves creating a MetroZone account and paying a small upfront deposit. MetroNet actively tracks the level of participation in its MetroZones to help determine where to extend our fiber optic network next. If the participation level supports expansion there, MetroNet will move forward with construction.
Q: How will my deposit be processed and used?
A: Your deposit will be processed immediately as a one-time charge to the credit card you provide. If your MetroZone goal is reached and services are installed at your home, you will receive your deposit as a credit on your first MetroNet bill.
Q: What if my MetroZone doesn't reach its goal?
A: We're sorry there wasn't enough interest in your neighborhood for MetroNet services to be offered. It's possible that MetroNet could attempt a MetroZone project in your neighborhood at another time. MetroNet will generate a refund of your deposit within 3-5 business days if your MetroZone goal is not reached during the commitment period.
Q: How long does my MetroZone have to reach its goal?
A: Neighborhoods and construction needs vary greatly, so each MetroZone will have its own goal and timeline. We'll keep everyone in each MetroZone up to date on the level of participation and how much time you have remaining.
Q: How soon will I have MetroNet services after our MetroZone goal is met?
A: Construction planning will begin once your MetroZone goal has been reached. We will communicate the construction timeline for your specific neighborhood once plans are finalized. In the interim, we'll email instructions on how to sign up early for your MetroNet services.
Q: How will I track the status of my MetroZone and know when the goal is reached?
A: You can log in to your online MetroZone account by clicking HERE to check your neighborhood's status at any time. MetroNet will also email updates to you along the way and notify you immediately once your MetroZone has reached its goal. At that time, we'll also send you directions on how to sign up for MetroNet services.
Q: What if I forgot my MetroZone password?
A: To reset your MetroZone password, go to the Login page and click "forgot my password."
Q: I created a MetroZone account, but now I'm moving. What should I do?
A: Login to your MetroZone account and click "Cancel My Account." Within 3-5 business days, your deposit will be refunded. Please note that you will need to cancel your MetroZone account prior to the last day of the MetroZone commitment period to ensure your deposit is refunded.